Tuesday, November 15, 2011

While waiting for First Snow..

It's supposed to be winter here in Finland. I guess winter is playing hard to get this year as we have not seen a sight of her yet. (I'm guessing winter is a "she", bitter and cold, yet mesmerizing in her fragile beauty.) It would seem she is keeping us on our toes in order to make a grander entrance when we least expect it!

While waiting for her to get her face on, wax her eyebrows or what ever she is doing while we anxiously wait, here's a little something to keep us in the mood for all things snowy and cold.

This little piece was, once again, knitted, felted and embroidered and features a cotton lining and a white zipper and is for sale here.


  1. what a beautiful piece, Winter is here in Canada and snow already made its/her grand entrance, I truly love how you describe Winter, fragile and bitter <3

  2. Thanks Susana, she really is being a big drama queen this year, not showin her frost-bitten face in Finland yet :D