Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chirp Chirp!

I started working on this little pouch several months ago. I had given up on it and started working on it again many times to the point where the little bag was starting to get on my nerves. I don't know what it was, I just didn't seem to get it right. "The legs on the bird are too long, the beak is too pointy, the branches are too crooked." Sigh. So I abandoned it in the closet for two months until I had forgotten it even existed.

After the little creation had been hybernating in my Craft Closet (honestly, there doesn't seem to be a closet in this house that wouldn't fit that description) I discovered it again and looking at it with fresh eyes I actually could not understand why I had abandoned it to begin with! It was super cute and only needed a bit of work to be finished. Few more stitches here and there, added a zipper and the lining and listed it on Etsy wednesday evening. 12 hours later it was already sold!

Lesson learnt: The pieces that annoy you the most may be best left to hybernate for a while, even a long while, as in this case re-discovering it after months gave me fresh perspective and working on the item became fun again. I don't think it would've resulted this nice if I would've just pushed through the frustration, creativity flourishes in peace and calm and suffocates under pressure and stress.


  1. Hi Sini!

    This beautiful little pouch has arrived today, and I love it! And such a sweet card, too, thank you! :-)
    ...I'd really like to have a peek into your closets - are there little beauties like this everywhere?

    All the best for your December project :-)


  2. Ha, unfortunately not at the moment. I have a billion and a half unfinished pieces in various different stages, but nothing as cute as this little thing :)

    More than happy to hear the pouch got to you already and even more happy to hear that you like it :) Feedback like this is what keeps me going, so thanks!! All the best to you too and congrats on making your 1st Etsy-sale last week, noticed it while browsing through your art. I am certain there will be plenty more considering how new your shop is, it's quite an achievement I believe :)