Friday, November 11, 2011

Berry Bag and other things lovely

Oh my.
Just this morning I was wondering if Santa might bring me a tripod for Christmas. I have no idea how pricey they are, but I'm guessing they don't grow on trees even at the North Pole, so I was wondering how much would it set Santa back.

Several hours later I was at a flea market, not looking for anything in particular and what did I find: a tripod. For just 15€! Bargain!

I've been struggling with my photos because I don't have the steadiest of hands and daylight is getting more and more scarce, with my limited skills it's really tricky to produce decent photos. Not anymore!

I just spent an hour playing with the tripod, re-taking some of the pictures and just marveling at the device, if I would've known what a difference using one has I would've bought one ages ago. It's deadly!!

Here's the proof:

Ps. Santa, I already got the tripod. Please bring jewelry.


  1. Lovely new bag - I'm in love with red at the moment. What do you use for your white background? I've gone through hell just trying to get my camera to capture the colours of my yarn correctly!

  2. That's a fleece throw from Ikea, a bit wrinkly but makes a nice soft background. I've found unless lighting is absolutely PERFECT the colors are always off a bit. For sorting out that I use free online photo editor. By adjusting the curves and color balance just a little I've managed to get the colors right. There's also a ton of helpful tools for other adjustments, but less is more in editing your pics I think!

  3. Your bags are so cute! I love 'em! And a tripod is truly amazing and handy for so many things! Especially if it's getting darker sooner and you're shooting stationary items, so awesome! I'm glad you were able to find one for a good price. I got mine for my birthday a while ago, and it's still as awesome as ever. :]



  4. Like said, if I would've known what a difference it makes, i deffo would've got one earlier! Best investment of the year :)

  5. Oh, lovely photograph! what sort of lighting are you using?

  6. Thanks Seryna.
    It was a lucky shot, managed to get it indoors with just the ceiling light on. Had to adjust the curves a bit on though. It's fairly simple once you get the hang of it.