Monday, November 7, 2011

Browsing through Craft Fairs, part I

purple earrings from Korumetsä
The time has not yet come for me to be selling my goods at craft fairs, but thinking ahead I've started researching them already. Meaning: I get to go to ALL the craft fairs and browse through all the wonderful goods while actively convincing myself it's all for self-educational purposes (despite the fact I'm spending my time shopping rather than studying).

For some reason I've never really been to any of these events and attending one last weekend really made me wonder why. I felt so at home at the Kätevä & Tekevä fair in my home town Lahti it was unbelievable. The feeling of belonging going through the colorful booths finally convinced me this is what I want to do in future, I want to sell more actively, take part in events like this and find my place in the crafting world.

I had planned to take time and make notes while at the show, but instead I found myself running around like a headless chicken, hopping from booth to booth full of excitement like a kid in a toy store. One particular table got me ridiculously excited and did I even try keep my act together? I most certainly did not. The wonderful Korumetsä jewelry designed and made by Anna Karppinen made me giddy (Korumetsä -site in Finnish only, but some of her jewelry can be found on this site in English also: House Of Handmade ) The colors she uses all screamed my name, so I simply had to get these earrings! Glad there's more craft fairs coming up she too will be attending, I might just start collecting these!

When I got home from the craft fair I came up with a cute idea for displaying earrings at craft shows. I had a spare key cupboard that didn't fit the space I had intended it to fill, so voilá, I turned into a jewelry box! And how much did this invention cost me? One single euro. Cheap and pretty, just like me!!

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