Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seeing Green

 It's almost June and the nature is getting greener every day. I've drawn inspiration from the nature around me in making a pair of slippers as a present for a friend. The green felt goes beautifully well together with the multicolored beads. Lovely, if I may say so myself :)

In the anticipation of a beautiful summer I (with A LOT of help from my dad) built a humongous vegetable grow box on our back yard. When empty, it looked like a coffin in the middle of our little garden. I was so tempted to troll the neighbours with it but thought they might not appreciate my morbid sense of humor.. But it's a great box, it's now filled with 200kg of dirt and some vegetables which hopefully will grow and bear fruit (or veg more like) and after harvest time it can serve as a handy place for our friends to curl up in and die of envy brought on by our superior feast of vegetables!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A 30 Minute Painting

 I've been looking for something to hang on our livingroom wall for over a year without any success. Solution: make some art! I bought a 60x90cm canvas, four tubes of guache paint (white, black, indian yellow and turquoise) and a brush. Then I started painting mixing together different shades of grey and layering the paint in crossed strokes. I added a few dabs of yellow and turquoise and mixed them up with the grays and voilá! A piece of contemporary art in 30 minutes and with 30€ total.

Love the way it turned out!

After hanging it up on the wall I realized I should've picked even a bigger canvas. Though this one at the shop seemed enormous, once hung it looked tiny. Might have to consider making a bigger one.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Can't Always Win..

Sometimes it's fun to act on a whim. Especially when knitting. If one has the time, like I do, it's fun just start a massive knitting project with just a hint of an idea of what you are about to create. It is risky and sometimes it pays off. And sometimes.. Well, sometimes you end up with a lot of yarn wasted.

By now I should have learnt that all those brilliant ideas of mine for sweaters and jumpers just don't work in reality. The splendid ideas turn into knitting disasters every single time, and still I find myself pushing my luck about once a year.

Most my crafts are to die for (modesty aside), but I have to say this time I have spent quite a lot of scrap yarns and time into a project that failed miserably; a stripy crocheted and knitted tunic-dress that makes me look like Mrs. Santa. Oh boy have I been delaying publishing this disaster. I haven't been jumping for joy at the thought of posing for the photo. I've gained quite a bit of weight and look puffy enough as it is and even more so in this newly knitted circus tent. But I'm taking the bullet today and sharing my embarrasing project. I craft. I make mistakes. I'm still an awesome woman. (plus an awesome hair dresser, I just cut and dyed my own hair!)

Happy knitting everybody and better luck with your craft projects than I've had! :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yarn Tourists in Tallinn

Photo from

 Ooh, I've visited heaven on earth! Keravan Käsintaitajat, our local craft association organized a day trip for us to Tallinn, Estonia, where we visited Karnaluks, an Estonian craft supply wholesale store.The store is a massive maze of boxes overflowing with yarn, embroidery threads, zippers, buttons, beads, and everything imaginable. If you ever visit Tallinn, this place is definitely worth visiting. It is easy to get to, it is close to the bus station and a few kilometres away from the port, but finding the shop entrance might be difficult for first time visitor. On any given day there is most likely a Finnish bus outside unloading crafty tourists who come from overseas especially to visit Karnaluks, so there's most likely someone outside the building at all times to tell you where the entry is in case you find it hard to locate.

Some of the supplies are incredibly low priced, but some are the same as retail prices in Finland, so if you are looking for a bargain, you better study their website well and look for the bargain deals before you go in. Note also that some of the products don't include VAT regarding you buy over a certain number of them, so keep your eyes open when checking the price tags at the location, buying 10 spools might come cheaper than buying 8, so buying in bulk pays off here!
Photo from
Here's my stash:
- 50 skeins of DMC Embroidery cotton, single color
- 25 skeins of DMC Embroidery cotton, variegated
- 6 skeins of Scholler + Stahl Filzi unspun wool yarn
- 2 skeins of Novita Huopanen unspun wool yarn (just because the color is no longer available in Finland)
- 2 zippers
- 7 skeins of Lane Cervinia's Val Gardena wool blend yarn
- 5mm crochet needle

TOTAL: 65€

The yarns I bought were close to the retail prices I'm used to paying, but the zippers, embroidery threads and the crochet needle were more than 50% less. It was well worth the trip!

Adding so much embroidery threads to my stock called for complete make over on my thread box. I spent all day yesterday organizing it but it's much neater now!

 Can't wait to start another embroidery project, my stock looks sooo much nicer now :)