Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunglass case

This little pouch was completely improvised so unfortunately I can't offer a pattern for it. It's perfect for keeping sunglasses unscratched (heaven knows my sunglasses surely would've needed one of these long time ago and are now beyond help).

I used scrap yarn for this little piece, about 50g of Novita Huopanen and used the same principle as in making the Magnolia hand bag, minus the decreases and the handles, in smaller scale naturally. For the embroidery I used DMC six strand embroidery cotton and various different stitches.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Purple coin purse

Oh, gorgeous Finnish summer! It's hot as hell, let me assure you, but can't complain. After another snowy cold winter we truely deserve a summer like this. And I for one am embracing it whole-heartedly. And what better way to enjoy the sunny season than escaping to a primitive, yet lovely little cabin by a clear blue lake. No neighbours, no electricity, no running water. Just gorgeous scenery, a Moomin-beach mattress, BBQ and of course, a sauna by the lake. Truely heavenly! Between attempting to catch melanoma floating half conscious on the beach mattress on the quiet soothing waves and toasting marshmallows on the camp fire at sun set it is best to take a break once in a while in the shade, sit down and do a little needlework while sipping some wine. Perfection! Result: a little scrap yarn knitted felted coin purse embroidered with little fishbones stitch leaves/feathers. Pretty, eh?