Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Can't Always Win..

Sometimes it's fun to act on a whim. Especially when knitting. If one has the time, like I do, it's fun just start a massive knitting project with just a hint of an idea of what you are about to create. It is risky and sometimes it pays off. And sometimes.. Well, sometimes you end up with a lot of yarn wasted.

By now I should have learnt that all those brilliant ideas of mine for sweaters and jumpers just don't work in reality. The splendid ideas turn into knitting disasters every single time, and still I find myself pushing my luck about once a year.

Most my crafts are to die for (modesty aside), but I have to say this time I have spent quite a lot of scrap yarns and time into a project that failed miserably; a stripy crocheted and knitted tunic-dress that makes me look like Mrs. Santa. Oh boy have I been delaying publishing this disaster. I haven't been jumping for joy at the thought of posing for the photo. I've gained quite a bit of weight and look puffy enough as it is and even more so in this newly knitted circus tent. But I'm taking the bullet today and sharing my embarrasing project. I craft. I make mistakes. I'm still an awesome woman. (plus an awesome hair dresser, I just cut and dyed my own hair!)

Happy knitting everybody and better luck with your craft projects than I've had! :D


  1. You are being too hard on yourself, I think it's awesome! I love this kind of "Knitty Natty Chic" type of wear, I would wear it, but then I run around in Caftans and flip flops all the time!
    Maybe all it needs is a black body suit underneath to "Chic" it out!
    You look great, as well as your hair!

    1. Awww, thanks :) A hippy-ish sort of look is exactly what I was going for, I'm not much of a fashionista myself, so color wise this isn't too bad for me, only problem is the shape (believe you me, it looks far worse irl, this picture is shot from the best possible angle). But maybe I'll grow to like it :)