Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Probably the weirdest thing I've ever knitted

Do I even have to say anything?
Is there anything that I can say?
I just knitted a christmas hat for our Buddha statue.
And it ROCKS!


  1. I am sure Buddha would smile at the fact that he is wearing a whimsical Santa hat, love it!

  2. Dear Sini,

    On behalf of Knowing Buddha Organization, we would like to explain that Buddha is the most important person in Buddhism. We do pay respect to him so much.

    Please don't get angry with us, we don't blame on you. We know you didn't mean to disrespect the Buddha...anyway, Buddhists never put any hat to our Buddha. Doing this is not appropriate.

    Could you kindly visit our website: www.knowingbuddha.org then you will understand why we are begging you this!

    He is like our father, we love our father so much...

    Please reconsider about this, we do pay respect to other religions. Please remove the hat and also this picture...
    I'm sure, all Buddhist around the world will admire you.

    May we share loving and kindness.

    Knowing Buddha Organization

    1. Dear Nuisita,

      Thank you for your comment. I did not mean to offend anyone by posting this picture.

      Our Buddha statue is not in our house for religious purposes, but for philosophic reasons. It reminds us of valuable life lessons every day and keeps us focused on the things that actually matter in life every time we look at him. To us he is not a religious figure and dressing him up for Christmas was our way of making the philosophies we have embraced from him and other great teachers a part of our season of joy. The hat has been removed but will be put on again next Christmas. Not to offend any believers, but to bring a calm sense of joy in to our hearts.

      I apologize for not further explaining our thoughts behind this picture in original blog post and respect your right to your own belief. I know myself that this was all done in spirit of love and joy, not malicious towards any religion, so I see no need for removing this picture.

      Best Regards