Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sanna's Cabled Mittens II

Sanna is a complete air head. She asked me to knit her a pair of mittens and then she just lost them while shopping. I mean, what's up with that. And then she asks me for a new pair. Same model, same size, same colour. The nerve! But I love her too much to refuse. Plus I'm not the one to tell her off, after all, I myself have lost about 5 pairs of sunglasses, a billion umbrellas, a few bags and a shoe. So, I knitted a new pair for my dear friend but still reserve the right to call her an air head.

This time I used Novita Katri (100g = 160m, 100% acrylic), my favourite. It's much thicker and hence warmer plus it doesn't itch at all. I used 3,5mm double pointed needles and the mittens took almost exactly one skein. The wrist part is longer this time, as a good pair of mittens doesn't only keep your fingers warm but prevents cold air from getting to where the sleeve ends and mitten begins. 

These mittens were tried and tested out today in the snow. Another gorgeous day in Winter Wonderland. Special thanks to my hand model, bravely playing in the snow at -15°C.

Instructions can be found here, on the original blog post.

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