Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday Cowl

Oh lazy sundays! Was rummaging through my closet in search of inspring scrap yarn for a quick and easy sunday knitting project. And praised be the Infinate Closet; among other treasures I found a scarf I started knitting about gazillion years ago. The project originally frogged cause the super bulky yarn would make a scarf too massive to wear. But today I picked up from where I had given up and voilá, it's a cowl!

The cowl goes so beautifully with my turqoise overcoat, love the way the colours clash so bad it's almost harmonious. Perfection! Great things come to those who stack goods in their closets over the years, hoarding does pay off!! Now all I need is a lovely cowl pin.

Yarn: Novita Mambo (100g = 100m, 70 % wool, 30 % acrylic)
Gauge: 11st & 15 rows = 10cm
Needle: 8mm

The patterning was picked up from Novita cabled jacket pattern by Arja Viitala. Here below is the chart for the part I used. I cast on 38 st, slipped the first stitches on each row (right side knit wise, wrong side purl wise) and repeated the pattern for 14 times. Before casting off the stitches quite tightly I did another cable twist row to finish.
Click to enlarge

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