Friday, February 18, 2011

Dreaming of a Cowl Tunic

I've got massive amounts of yarn, hopes, dreams and plans for a tunic. What I lack is the skill to design one. The patience to try. The time to patiently try over and over again.

If I learned something while making The Raspberry Cardie is that big projects like these inevitably take loooooaaads of time from an non-pro knitter like me. I've knitted most of the parts on the Raspberry Cardie 3 times and I'm still not happy with it. I finished it a month ago, just gave up and darned in the ends, thought it was as good as it would ever get. But I haven't worn it once and am now considering unravelling the whole top part down to the arm holes and doing it again. That'd be so much work! But as it is now, it just isn't right.

So I don't want to repeat my errors again and wish to plan this project better. Or find someone to plan it for me. What I want is a mid length tunic with a massive cowl neck. I'm thinking maybe 1x1 rib all the way to give it a bit of stretch, as I wish the tunic to be well fitted on the top part. I'd like to see a horizontal cabled piece under the chest holding together the separate top and bottom parts.

If I ever manage to gather patience to try these plans out, I will start by knitting a narrow piece with a nice cable pattern and measure it around my waist (1.). Then I'll pick up stitches from around the "belt" working my way up to the shoulders (2.), the parts that gave me such head ache with the Raspberry Cardie. After finishing the top part I can see how much yarn (=nerves) I have left and use the rest on the bottom part (providing I still feel motivated enough after struggling again with the shoulders), picking up stitches from the foot of the belt and start knitting towards the hem (3.). To add a bit of umph and shape to it I'll keep on adding stitches along the way down for some bit. Once I've used all my skeins but 1, I'll cast off and use the rest on the cowl (4.). Sound easy? I wouldn't count on it.. Stay tuned for more, maybe one day this plan will come to life..

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