Thursday, January 6, 2011

Raspberry Cardie

This simple cardie took a while to make due to improper planning. I already finished this once but wasn't overly happy the way it turned out. The plan had worked well on paper but just didn't fit the way I had imagined. So, I unraveled the whole back part and the sleeves and front pieces right down to the armpits and redid them again. I added a bit of lenght and this time I used raglan decreases for a closer fit and I'm relatively satisified with the results. 

Not sure I should publish the pattern, cause it's not really refined and well planned from the armpits up, if I had any motivation left I'd probably do it once more and decrease more stitches on the raglan part but I just can't be arsed and to me this is good enough as it is.

So I'll just publish a rough pattern to give an idea how this was made and it's up to you to make desired changes should you wish to try this at home.

Yarn: Novita Sirkus  (100g = 100 m, 100% acrylic)
Gauge: 11 st = 10cm stockinette
Needle: 7mm
Size: L
Hooks used here are from NeppiNappi

Cast on 58st. Knit garter stitch for the first 4 rows. Knit stockinette for the rest of the piece. Decrease 1 on both sides every 14 rows from the hem up 4 times. When you reach 60 cm cast off 3st on both sides and start raglan decrease decreasing 1st on every 4th row at both ends of the row 6 times. For the neck decrease 10 st at the second last row in the middle. Leave the stitches on both shoulders on hold.

Right front:
Cast on 34st. Knit garter stitch for the first 4 rows. Knit 15st and begin cabled pattern as per chart and then K6. Decrease 1st at the right edge every 14 rows from the hem up 4 times. When you reach 60 cm cast off 3st at the right edge and start raglan decrease decreasing 1st on every 4th row 6 times. Leave the remaining stitches on hold.

Left front:
Mirror image of right front piece.

Cast on 30st. Knit garter stitch for the first 4 rows. In order to make the cable pattern fit nicely on the arm, place the pattern bit off from the center of the sleeve towards the body. On the right sleeve knit 12, begin the cable pattern for the sleeve and knit the remaining 10st. On the left sleeve do the opposite. Add 1st on both ends of the row every 8th row 6 times. After 40cm start raglan decrease same way as on other pieces. Leave the remaining stitches on hold.

Sow the pieces together. Pick up stitches from the sides of the front pieces and knit garter stitch for 5 rows and cast off loosely. For the neck pick up stitches from all the pieces left on hold and knit one row. On second row decrease stitches by half by knitting every 2 stitches together. Knit the next row. On the third row knit every 2 stitches together on the other sides but knitting stockinette on the back side. Knit garter stitch for about 5 rows and cast off loosely. Add the hooks and you're done!

Note: Better pictures to follow later..



  1. This is a lovely sweater. I have been looking for a sweater to knit for myself and I have found it here! Thank you for sharing and I will look forward to the latest pattern. Your work is beautiful and I do enjoy your blog....thanks....

  2. I would strongly recommend re-thinking knitting this :D I just tried the sweater on this morning but it somehow looks so wrong! I haven't worn it once to be honest!

    But if you do knit this, at least double the decreases on the raglan (1st every 2nd row 12 times) and skip the first decrease row on the neck after sowing the pieces together.

    You can't see that from the pictures here (too blurry) but the way I knitted it made the top part too bulky with so much decreasing around the neck. I really should've decreased earlier!

  3. what issues did you run into with this pattern that you would write in if you could?