Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vest for Baby E

Here's a little something I made out of scrap yarn (the vest, that is, not the baby), inspired by pure boredom and the will to knit something quick and simple. I used the same principle for making the patterning as described on the previous blog post. The texture looks pretty awful, lumpy and uneven, but I blame that on the fever and I'm sure my readers will appreciate the pattern despite my own inability to make my designs look perfect in real life. 

Mr E is the son of a football fanatic and I think the fresh sporty colours suit him perfectly. The finished measurements are 52cm around the chest and 29cm from hem to shoulder. Mr E is now only 2 months old and the vest is a bit loose at the moment but he'll fill it nicely in no time.

Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä  (150 g = 300 m, 75% wool / 25% polyamide)
Gauge: 20 st = 10cm
Needle: 4mm (+smaller needles for rib)
Skeins: <1 for base colour and <1 for contrast colour

Knitted in the round, bottom-up. 
Cast on 104 st. Knit rib (knit 2, purl 2) for 6 rows on circular needle with contrast colour on smaller needle. Change to 4mm circular needle and begin stockinette with base colour. Add 1st on the first row. Knit 5 rows and begin patterning according to chart. After the chart knit 8 more rows stockinette before shaping the armholes. Leave the 53st on the back on hold and work the front (52st) first.

1st row: Cast off 4st, K 48.
2nd row: turn back and cast off 4, purl 44.
3rd row of the front: K 1, SKP (=slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over) , K 38, K2TOG (= knit 2 together) .
4th row: P42.
5th row: K 1, SKP, K 36, K2TOG.
Knit stockinette with the remaining 40st for 3 rows and begin shaping neck. 

Right front: 
1st row: K 17, K2TOG, K1.
2nd row:  Turn over and P19. 
3rd row: K16, K2TOG, K1. 
Continue decreasing stitches in this manner until you have 10 st left. Cast off loosely. 

Left front:
1st row: K 1, SKP, K 17.
2nd row: P 19. 
3rd row: K1, SKP, K16.
Continue decreasing stitches in this manner until you have 10 st left. Cast off loosely. 

1st row: Cast off 4st, K 49.
2nd row: Cast off 4, purl 45.
3rd row of the back: K 1, SKP, K 39, K2TOG.
4th row: purl. 5th row: K 1, SKP, K 37, K2TOG.
Continue stockinette with the remaining 41st for 15 rows. Leave 17st in the middle of the back on hold for shaping the neck line.


Left shoulder: 
1st row: K1 SKP, K9. 
2nd row: P 11. 
3rd row: K1, SKP, K8. 
4th row: P 10. 
Cast off loosely.

Right shoulder: 
1st row: K9, K2TOG, K1.
2nd row: P 11. 
3rd row: K8, K2TOG, K1.
4th row: P 10. 
Cast off loosely.

Sow the shoulders together. Pick up 56st from the side of each armhole and knit rib (K2, P2) for 5 rows. Cast off loosely. Pick the 17st from the back of the neck plus 47 st from the side of the neck line. Knit rib placing 2K right in the centre of the front (essential for the decreasing on the neck). On every row decrease 2 st at this point =K2TOG, SKP. Continue rib for 5 rows, cast off loosely. 

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  1. Love it! Feels Irish.


  2. Hi, how do you shape the armholes? Did i miss that somewhere?

    1. Hello,
      Oh bugger, why have I ever published these, I can't remember how I've done these and reading the pattern 2 years later feels like reading the pattern in Hebrew :D

      But by "shaping the armhole" I meant the piece is knitted on a circular needle in the round until you reach the armholes and from there on it devides into two, front and back, and by decreasing stitches at the side the armholes are shaped..

      Ammm.. does that explain it at all? I suck at writing these things BIG TIME :D