Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adorable Cabled Mittens

It's lovely seeing old friends. Dear friends. Friends so old and dear nobody even blinks when I pick up my needles at the dinner table while people are still eating, including myself, and start knitting away. People who despite not perhaps fully understanding the depth of my needle addiction have come into terms with the fact that when a lady must knit the lady must knit.

Roughly around coffee time the first mitten was finished so I excused myself and took my coffee outside to immortalize the creation on camera. While doing so, in the clear bright daylight, I decided I'm never taking photos of my creations again in conditions that require artificial lighting. There's nothing like a bit of natural light. Problem is, for the last few months we've had very little of it. But going towards the summer I hope to take more representable shots of the lovely little things that fall off my needles. 

Without further ado, let me present the latest mitten pattern. There's no thumb gusset, so it's easy to knit and  fits your hand nice and snug, at least the way I prefer my handwear. Again, not the most unique design, as probably all the known cables have been used in mittens a million times before, but to share the mittens I just made, here's the instruction below:

Yarn: Novita Katri (100g = 160m, 100% acrylic)
Gauge: 19 st & 27 rows = 10cm
Skeins: 1
Needle: 4mm
Left mitten: 
Cast on 36 st. Devide evenly on 4 double pointed needles. Knit rib for 13 rows (K2, P2). Knit according to the chart on needles I and II and stockinette with needles III and IV adding 1st on both needles II and IV=38st. Knit for about 28 rows, K2 on needle III, pick up 6 on a stitch holder, cast on 6 and knit 1 = thumb hole. Continue knitting until you've reached the tip of your index finger and begin cast off. SKP1 at the beginning of needles I and III and  K2TOG at the end of needles II and IV. Continue decreases on every row in this manner until 6 stitches remain. Cut the yarn and run the end through remaining 6 stitches twice; pull firmly and darn in the end.

Right mitten:
Work as mirror image.

Pick up the 6st from stitch holder plus 10 stitches from the edges of the thumb hole. Divide evenly on 3 dpns. Knit for about 13 rows. SKP1 at the beginning of each needle until 6 st remain. Cut the yarn and run the end through remaining 6 stitches twice; pull firmly and darn in the end.
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  1. Love the light in the first shot. Mittens are beautiful as always.


  2. Thanks Heidi, I'm quite pleased with it myself!