Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sanna's Cabled Mittens

A dear old friend of mine asked me to knit her a pair of grey mittens and I surely did, with pleasure. Inspired by the really pretty socks I made last week, I thought I'd try out coming up with a cable pattern of my own. Maybe not the most original ever, but I'm very very pleased with them. Go me!

It's been fun knitting on the train, really helps passing time.


Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä  (150 g = 300 m, 75% wool / 25% polyamide)
Gauge: 18 st = 10cm
Needle: 3½ mm
Skeins: 1

Right Mitten:

Cast on 44 on double pointed needles, dividing 11 on each needle.
K1 P1 for about 13 rows.

Knit stockinette on needles III and IV and on needles I and II work according to the chart below. Repeat rows 1.-8.

Once you've reached the base of your thumb, knit 2 at the beginning of needle III, leave 7 stiches on a piece of waste yarn for thumb to be worked later. Cast on 7, creating a hole for the thumb. Knit the rest of the stitches on needle III. 
Continue knitting the mitten until you reach the tip of your index finger. SKP1 at the beginning of needles I and III and  K2TOG at the end of needles II and IV. Continue decreases on every row in this manner until 8 stitches remain. Cut the yarn and run the thread tail through remaining 8 stitches twice; pull firmly and darn in the end.

Left Mitten: 
Work as mirror image to right mitten.
 Knit the 7 stitches from the waste yarn onto dpn and pick up 10 additional stitches along the inner portion of the thumb (17s all together) on 3 double pointed needles. Knit thumb until desired length (=until the thumb covers half your thumb nail). K2TOG on each needle every row until 8st remain and cut yarn leaving approximately a 15cm tail. Using a needle thread the tail through remaining the 8 stitches twice, pull firmly and darn in the end.

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