Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girly A-line Yoke Cardigan

I know very little of 4 year old girls. Having no small kids in the family and planning never to reproduce myself I know very little of the creatures normally referred to as children. Taking this to account I was slightly nervous trying to come up with a christmas present for one. Luckily I was able to use a lifeline and phone a friend. An old work mate came to town and having 2 charming daughters herself she was the perfect guide, walking and talking me through the wonderous world of children's wear. Together we walked through various shops, me picking up stuff I thought was absolutely adorable and my guide kindly pointing out to me what was particularily wrong about each garment.

I'm ever so grateful to her for this little life lesson (if you are reading; thanks!!) Without her I would've probably just knitted something appalingly unpractical but heart-breakingly cute, something the little creature would've loved to wear but her practical mum would've just hid in the closet. 

Long story short, this is a pattern I came up with. Once again, feel free to correct my vocabulary or the instructions in general, still fairly new to knitting terminology in English.  
Novita Nalle Aloevera (100 g = 260 m, 75% wool / 25% polyamide) Off-white (010) Skeins: 2
Novita Wool (50g = 135m, 100% wool)  Baby pink (504) Skeins: 2
Novita Wool (50g = 135m, 100% wool) Pink (580) Skeins: 2
Novita Luxus Alpaca (50g = 135m, 100% alpaca) Nutria  (068) Skeins: 2
Gauge: 22 st & 32 rows = 10cm
Needle: 3½ mm
Size: 104cm (average 4 year old)

Cast on 202 on a circular needle. Knit few rows of garter at the start of each piece and the rest stockinette stitch. 

After you've knitted the piece for approx 24cm: knit 33, *K2TOG TBL, K1, K2TOG , K 28*. Repeat *-* 3 times. K2TOG TBL, K1, K2TOG, K32 = 192st. Repeat the deductions on the equivalent spots on every second row for 4 times = deducting all together 50 st on 10 rows. =152st.
Knit a few rows of garter stitch and 2 rows stockinette before beginning the decreases at the armpits.

Devide the remaining 152st on 3 parts= 80st for the back, 36st for left front and 36st for right front.
Continue working on the other front part decreasing 1x5 and 1x2 st at the armpit on every second row. Leave the remaining 29 stitches on hold. Do the same for the other front part. Decrease 1x5 and 1x2 st on every second row on both ends of the back part and leave the rest 66st on hold. 

Cast on 49. Knit garter for 4rows. Begin stockinette. Add 1st on the 10th row of the stockinette at both ends. Add 1 st every 8th row at both ends for 7 times =64 st. When the sleaves measure to 25cm cast off 1x5st and 1x2st at both ends on every second row =50st.

Gather all the 224st on circular needles and begin the yoke. Decrease 6 st evenly around the yoke on the 5th row =218st. Knit 11 rows. Decrease by 18st evenly around the yoke =200st. Knit the heart pattern according to the chart. After the pattern decrease by 35st =165st. Knit 6 rows and decrease on the following row by 45st = 120st. Knit until the yoke measures up to 18 cm and decrease by 40st = 80st. K1P1 for 8 rows, cast of loosely. 

Pick up stitches from the left front to make the button band. Pick up 1 st from each row leaving out every 3rd row. K1P1 for 8 rows, cast of loosely. Do the same for the right side but make desired number of buttonholes (YO, K2TOG) on row 5. I used 4 buttons here. Sow on the buttons, finish loose ends. DONE!

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