Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cushion covers

A few weeks back we went out for chinese on a friday night. We came home holding a receipt for a sofa we had just bought. No idea how it happened. One moment you're chewing on your chicken kung po and the next thing you know you've bought a piece of furniture. Talk about an impulse buy. We did leave the chinese some where in between, as it happens. Now that would've been impulse shopping indeed, buying the stained red mock-velvet curry smelling cubicle bench. Luckily we managed to reach the nearest furniture store in time before this uncontrollable urge to buy something took over. 

Now I must say, impulse buying or not, that was one of the wisest things I've ever done. I luuuuv this sofa. The small "loveseat" of a sofa I had before was so not made for two people, let me tell you. Maybe for two very small butted tiny little stick insects. But not for your average "i loves my chocolates"-kinda people like myself.

To cut the long story short, the sofa is dark grey and clashed a bit with the cushion covers I had in store. Not a problem what so ever, said I, and knitted two brand new ones. Very simple, elegant, easy to mix with other throw pillows. Lazy lazy knitting. There's no buttons, zippers, poppers. Nothing extra. Just a tube seamed up top and bottom. Not very convinient if you wish to wash the covers or change them. But I just figured I wont darn in the ends but leave the ends inside the pillow and if I ever need to take them off, I'll just unravel the seams!

Yarn: Novita Katri (100g = 160m, 100% acrylic)
Gauge: 16-18st = 10cm
Skeins: 2 per cushion
Needle: 5mm 60cm circular needle
Fit for a 40x40cm cushion

Rib cushion:
Cast on 144st. Knit in the round. Knit rib (knit 4, purl 4) for 40cm. Cast off loosely.

Moss knit rib cushion:
Cast on 144st. Knit in the round. Knit according to chart for 40cm. Cast off loosely.

Sow the bottom seam, insert pillow and sow the top seam. Don't darn in the end on the top seam, but slip the end of the yarn inside the pillow for easier unravelling should you wish to remove the cover some day.
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  1. I really love these cushions and want to knit them but I'm not sure what a "skein" is - from Scotland!

    1. Skein = "A wound ball of yarn with a center pull strand" or "A length of thread or yarn wound in a loose long coil."

      Ravelry for example uses the word "skein" as a generic word for any unit of yarn, with my limited language skills I've just used the same principle on my blog, be it a ball, hank or an actual skein, I call them all skeins.

      Glad you like the cushions :)

  2. Beautiful and simple! I'm going to try it out. I have three pillows that need covers. They are approx 50cm x 50cm each. How many stitches do you suggest that I cast on? Also, is there a particular cast on stitch that you used? Or would any do?

    1. I did some quick maths and it suggested 180 stitches. (144 divided by 40 cm to tell you how many stitches per cm and then multiply by 50)

      I'm so going to make one of these for my couch. Now to choose a colour, oh that's going to be hard.

    2. Hey Ikaas,
      I replied to your original comment but you had later deleted it, did not notice you had commented again. But it's as scientician here kinly calculated, depending of course on your gauge. Happy stitching to you both!

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  4. Is it possible to knit these in the flat with straight needles

    1. i would like to assume yes, it would just mean stitching 3/4 of the sides together depending how you knitted it instead of just stitching the top and bottom parts together

  5. i'm super confused! 144st is approx 40 cm, so eventually you'd have one knit piece of 40x40cm... wouldn't you need 80x40cm in order to fold it in half (to get a pocket of 40x40cm) to sew and insert the cushion?