Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why not knit to work tomorrow?

Imagine taking the train to work 5 days a week. Imagine spending 2-3 hours daily commuting. Now imagine having absolutely nothing to do. Trying to catch a peek of the scenery passing by but seeing nothing but darkness, sitting still with your hands unemployed and bored resting on your lap . Quite boring, eh? 

Now imagine spending that time knitting. Instead of sitting idly, slowly dying inside out of pure boredom, you'd be creating something unique while commuting and you'd be at work before you'd realize! Don't worry about standing out in the crowd, it's the thing to do these days, it's snap, crackle and pop to knit on trains and busses!

Knitmuting is a great way to switch your brain off work mode. Unless you get paid for thinking about your work, you'd be wasting valuable free time going through work stuff in your head while on your daily commute.

 The key to succesful knitmuting is to keep the projects small and simple. Socks and mittens are perfect. You can easily fit a ball of yarn and a set of double pointed needles in an average hand bag. Doesn't matter if you haven't knitted anything in decades (as was the case with one of my fellow knitmuters here), start of with something easy and work your way up. The point is not impress the fellow commuters with your handicrafts (though that too has earned me a free bottle of sparkling wine once!) but to take some time for yourself.

Plus if you feel you are going nowhere with your career, pick up a pair of needles and at least you've spent your journey nowhere wisely. 

Join the cause: Knit to work tomorrow!

ps. thanks to fellow knitmuters for letting me disturb your commute to snap your photo


  1. It is a brilliant idea! I have to drive as there isn't public transport between my home and work, but do get to sit still in traffic too often and so always have some knitting in my car to make it all a little less frustrating.

  2. When I lived in London England many years ago, I took the Underground (subway) to and from work - so no looking out the window for me. I forget how long it took - with one change - but I almost completed a Christening blanket for the newborn son of my boss.
    Not the cleanest environment, but it certainly made the Brixton to Kings Cross trip a lot less boring.

    Happy knitting, Janey