Monday, December 6, 2010

Cabled beanie with bow

Here's a little something I finished on Thursday. Found the gorgeous pink yarn from Pyöröpuikko in Lappeenranta last weekend. It was love at first sight let me tell you. This yarn was just screaming my name, asking to be knit into a beanie, begging for a chance to become something to warm my brain with. 

The pattern once again, is unbelievably easy. Due to the "sudden death" kind of decrease the gauge or number of stitches isn't of that much significance. If you wish to achieve similar results as I did, you can always follow the instruction word to word. 
Yarn: Gjestal Tinde (100g = 180m, 50% wool, 50% tencell)
Gauge: 20 st = 10cm
Skeins: 1
Needle: 4mm
Cast on 128st on a circular needle. K2 P2 for 6 rows. Knit the cabled detail at the front of the beanie as per chart and knit stockinette with the remaining stitches. Knit in this manner for about 20 cm repeating the 8 rows of the chart for the cable detail and begin then the decrease rows.
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Sudden Death decrease:  
1st row: *K1 ; SKP*. 2nd row: stockinette. 3rd row: *K1 ; SKP*. 4th row: stockinette. 5th row: *SK2P*. Cut the yarn and run the thread tail through remaining 18 stitches twice; pull firmly and darn in the end. All the stitches were decreased within 5 rows, hence the name "sudden death".
The bow: 
Cast on 5st. Knit stockinette for 28cm. Cast off and darn in the ends. Cast on 5 again and knit 4cm. Sow the shorter piece as a little loop and run the longer piece through the loop creating a bow. Sow the pieces together tight and attach to the beanie. 


  1. Your cable-knitting of yours is amazing :) I wish I could knit like that. And the color is wonderful, very joyful, which is need in the winter.
    Regards, Weronika.

  2. Thanks Weronika! You should give it a go, cables aren't after all tricky to make once you get the hang of it. Happy knitting!

  3. Love this. I don't normally like using charts, but this is so adorable that I going to give it a whirl. Thanks.