Saturday, December 4, 2010

This little piggy had a Very Merry Christmas

This is by no means knitting related, but I simply gotta share this, as I'm super excited about this year's gingerbread-architecture-achievement! 

I make a ginger bread building every year - I say building instead of house, as these architectural artifacts are not often houses per se, last year's installation was an out house - and as this year I feel like such a PIG (seriously, how much chocolate CAN one woman eat?!), I decided on a pigsty theme. 

Normally these installations look like they were made by Stevie Wonder and I often tell people I bought them from a blind orphans' bake sale, but this year I was lucky enough to hire an engineer to help me plan and errect the gingerbread piggery. The pigsty features two limbless lil piggies made of marzipan by yours truely and I'm very proud of them, as this is for me a completely new material to work on. 

With the image of these lil two piggies nestled up for winter in the comfort of their new residence, completely unaware of their brother being rosted in the oven as we speak (early start for christmas, gotta have some ham NOW!), I bid you all not a merry christmas, as it would be way too early, but a merry second advent sunday tomorrow and a lovely Finnish independence day on Monday :)  


  1. Haha, gorgeous piggy-building and a lovely story!(:

    And an answer to your rhetorical question; one woman can eat A LOT of chocolate! Seriously. I´ve done some heavy empire studies<:

    Very merry pre-Christmas to You and the lil´piggies!


  2. So pretty. Can one ever eat this?


  3. Does sun rise from the east? Does water run down hill? Come on, it has chocolate on it!