Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Felted slippers - once again

Circling the shops few weeks back I found my bf eyeing up some felted slippers at the market. "Halt!", shrieked I. If my man wants a pair of felted slippers he sure as heck ain't gonna have to pay for them! As it happens, I've practically mastered in the science of makin these things. Having knit approximately 40 slippers I consider myself well justified to stop my man from buying a pair.

These are SO easy to make, they practically make themselves! (And I'm using the word "practically" in practically every sentence!) In fact they are so quick to knit, I made 18 pairs for Christmas few years ago, all in just two weeks. The pattern is, I'm afraid, again one by Novita and is, I'm afraid, once again in Finnish only.

But as a Christmas present for you dear readers, I will now attempt to translate this simple instruction:

Yarn: Novita Huopanen ( 100 g = 157 m, 100% wool)
Gauge: 11 st = 10cm
Skeins: 2
Needle: 8-10mm
Sizes: 37-39 (40-43)

Knit double yarn. Cast on 12(14). Knit stockinette and add 2 stitches at the both ends of the needle every second row for 10(12) times =32(38) st. Then divide stitches to 4 double pointed needles. Knit 13(16)cm circular and start decreasing stitches:  Knit 2 together at the end of needles I and III and SKP (=slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over) at the beginning of needles II and IV. Repeat the decreases every second row until you have 4(5)st remaining on each needle. After that repeat the decreases on every row. Weave in ends.

Sow a plastic bag (see through, not coloured) on the inside of the slipper with few loose stitches of cotton yarn (so you wont end up without a hole on the slipper to stick your foot into). Toss the slippers in the washer along with an old towel etc you don't mind getting hairs all over. Set washer for 40 degrees. Once the program is over shape the slippers on your feet or by hand. You can alter the size of the slippers at this point simply by shaping.

For a girlier touch, add a rose or two as per instruction

Check out same slippers with cute embroidery here


  1. Thank you for sharing the translation!

  2. Thanks for translating! I love those slippers! I know what everyone is gonna get this Christmas!

    1. That's a great idea indeed, one year I knitted 18 pairs of these for Christmas presents in just a few weeks. So unless you are making slippers to an entire village you'll have plenty of time :)

  3. Those slippers are very nice. I put them in my «queue» on Thanks for sharing this pattern!


  4. Just what I was looking for....going to make them this weekend! Thank you so much!