Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girly Yoke Sweater

As mentioned before, I'm painfully uninformed in every possible way regarding the life of children. I know roughly how they are made but that's about it. About a month ago I knit a pretty little cardigan for a four year old girl and naively imagined all four year olds to be exactly the same size with very little variation in weight. But apparently - so I've been told - they come in various heights as well. Gosh darnet, said I, and begun another little project.

To be 100% sure to be ready in time for Santa's visit (yes, I'm one of Santa's not so little helpers) I used one of Novita's patterns as a base for this little piece, as designing another pattern would've been too much of a risk and knitting the same cardigan would've been simply boring. I've seen loads of yoke pullovers such as this in shops recently so I thought it wouldn't be completely unfashionable. Of course I hope this will be the bee's knees and  hope the gift will be a success - at this point I'll settle for mild success even, as I'm not about to knit a third top in the foreseeable future.
Novita Nalle Aloevera (100 g = 260 m, 75% wool / 25% polyamide) Off-white (010) Skeins: 2
Novita Wool (50g = 135m, 100% wool)  Baby pink (504) Skeins: 2
Novita Wool (50g = 135m, 100% wool) Pink (580) Skeins: 2
Novita Luxus Alpaca (50g = 135m, 100% alpaca) Nutria  (068) Skeins: 2
Gauge: 22 st & 32 rows = 10cm
Needle: 3½ mm
Size: 110cm
As per Novita pattern mentioned (unfortunately in Finnish only) apart from the patterning. For patterning, see the chart on the left here. 


  1. Sweet,girly pattern.Well I think an old lady also can be very beautiful in it.