Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wet felted table cloth and coasters

Last weekend I took part in my second felt class and like last time, concentrated purely on having a good time, getting inspired and messing around. Among a few not so succesful projects I managed to produce something relatively usable too, to my own surprise at least.

Here's a set of coasters together with a little table cloth in colors we have in our kitchen/dining room at the moment. I'm fairly new to using blue in decor but have totally fallen in love with it during the last 6 months. It all started from the Stockholm Blad  curtains from Ikea, for a reason still unknown to me, they were screaming my name and I just had to get them. The coasters I made are a little clumsy and funky, but think they go well with both the curtains and the Taika -mugs in the picture, designed for Iittala by Heikki Orvola.

The Taika dishes have grown on me little by little, but now I'm dreaming of replacing them with a few items from the 24h Tuokio collection, a new design from Arabia by Heikki Orvola and Helorinne & Kallio. This is pure madness, I tell you, as I have my cupboards full of Vanilla Tableware from Pentik.. But even still.. In a perfect world I'd have room enough for a million complete sets of tableware, one for each mood I'm in, so I'd always have just the perfect set for each occasion.. Though right now it wouldn't make sense to buy more ceramics in blue and white, as in just nine days I will be changing all the curtains, table cloths and cushion covers in the house to match my winter color scheme (I don't have Christmas curtains with reindeer or dancing Santas, but even still my bf wont allow me to change colors until the first of November the earliest, and oh boy do I intend to change them the moment the clock strikes 00.01 on that day!) Oooh I can't wait to dig up all the red, white and linen..

But a few more words on the felt (as this post was supposed to be of them and not of tableware). I used a pre-needled felt cloth as a base and decorated it with blue (remotely) leaf like patterns. First I needle felted bits of blue wool roving to the base, not attaching them completely but using the needle just enough to keep the wool in place. Then I wet felted them and to finish tossed them in the washer (cause I was feeling lazy). They are not fancy at all, as you can see the table cloth is lumpy and uneven, but I'm still pretty pleased with them (mainly because they go with the colors).

Huzzaah, great achievement indeed.


  1. I think you did a fine job. I like the blues too.

  2. Oh thanks :) been thinking of making a bag in these colors