Monday, October 17, 2011

The Exchange

A friend of mine has taken up knitting after X years (we decided it best not to count them precisely, as the result would force us to admit the cold fact that time is passing by and we aren't getting any younger).

The other evening she called me with sincere enthusiasm in her voice to ask how does one make a cable twist. I instructed her to my best ability over the phone but we agreed that her next question regarding something a little more complex for a newbie-knitter (reinforced heels) called for face-to-face tutoring.

We agreed I would go over and help her with socks and other projects and she would make me dinner in exchange. Huzzaah, said I in my little mind, as I'm always hungry and never say no to good food (hence the muffin tops)! This arrangement suited me fine; I'm an eager reader (=drooler) of her delicious food blog, Martan Keittiössä and knew I'd be a fool to decline.

While she prepared dinner (breaded chicken tits with cheese I can't remember the name of, whole grain rice and tarragon carrots,) I sat on her sofa flickering through the book she had used to get back into the groove with knitting. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was the same elementary school text book I had when I was a kid! Time has done no credit to the illustration which even back then looked horribly retro.

Seeing the book after X years (still not feeling like counting) brought back so many memories. Mostly unpleasant though, I hated knitting in school. Hated with a passion. I was terrible at it. Yet now I couldn't imagine life without it. God only knows what skills I'll develop X years from now. If I've learned how to knit I can do anything!

(PS. anyone wishing feed me, please contact me immediately!)


  1. Hi,
    Just made me laugh .... tits = slightly bad word, chicken breasts better.
    Just found your blog, I am enjoying it, thanks.

  2. Haha, it wasn't a mistake, like callin them chicken tits :D That's the fun side of not bein a native english speaker, nobody knows if you've tried to crack a joke or not :D