Friday, March 9, 2012


Yellow Daher tin from PatinaMarket and aqua Daher tin from Big Yellow Vintage
 My sanity has been questioned many a time. I'm happy to announce now that the matter is now officially settled: I have gone tinsane.

I love old vintage tins, the more decorative the better! Some of these are old drift store finds and some are new acquaintances found from various vintage shops on Etsy. It's truely handy, I'm not much of an expert on scouring through the flea markets or making great finds at garage sales, so shopping online suits me great.

I've ordered quite a few tins online recently and promised I'd share some photos of both old and new friends. It's beginning to feel a lot like spring and nothing says spring like an old vintage tin! (How very poetic.)

As handy as these tins are for storing small goods like jewelry, some (like the dear bf who suspects nothing as I try to sneak in the tins one by one so he wont notice the change and who btw never reads my blog) might say it's not sane to buy tin after tin just because they are pretty. And they are right. It's tinsane.
Floral Daher tin from The (Ri)Charmed Life
Daher tin with hearts from The 5th House

Drift store find
Pink tin on the right from Wrath of Ra, rest of the items are flea market finds

Floral Daher tin from LiliaRose, Daher bird tin from Curate & Love, small candy tin and tin tray are old drift store finds.


  1. I love all these! They're so gorgeous! I'm such a huge fan of tin collecting!
    x x x

  2. Nicely like my Dother!

  3. I'm so happy the floral Daher tin from my shop goes so well with your collection. I like collecting tins to, but most of mine are more Asian styled and darker colors.