Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anti-Depressant Socks And Other Spring Crafts

Spring time in Finland means 3 months of watching the snow melt followed by a brief two week run when everything explodes into blossom. Most of what we call spring isn't that glamorous. Instead of cherry blossoms and daffodils we have heaps of half melted snow, brown patches of last year's grass shyly peeking from under the blanket of snow and dog poo that has been lurking between layers of fresh snow all winter. The color palet of a Finnish Spring on the first of April is dirty grey, dirty brown and dirty snow. There's still time before the Big Green Bang.

Hence a little color therapy is in place!
Easter is next week so I made little egg decorations for my wreath. It really is the handiest of wreaths, it's made out of thick rugged roots and gives a lovely contrast to any seasonal decorations I've had on it so far. I cut little egg shapes out of thick craft felt and decorated them with little strips of thinner craft felt and a few embroidery stitches here and there. Simple but effective!

I also made a pair of anti-depressant socks for myself. I started knitting with the orange thread and was going to make knitted easter eggs (very easy to follow pattern here) but after a few rows I found myself knitting something a lot larger. It became a sock. A super stripy sock knitted from toe up. I've never made toe up socks before and neither have I knitted both socks at the same time, I've always made socks one at a time and I gotta say working with both socks at the same time makes it so much more easier. I often find it tedious to start again after just finishing the first sock. Now I didn't have that problem. Plus it was easier than I thought to knit from toe up. Will deffo do it again and maybe next time write down the pattern instead of just winging it :)

I love the way these turned out! Knitting with 15 different colors meant a lot of yarn ends to be darned in (120 in total!!!) but it was all worth it. These super trippy socks are like wearable anti-depressants. I wore them out yesterday and through out the day where ever I was I found myself staring at the bright and almost annoying colors and smiling. It works!

What do you think? Super trippy or super annoying?


  1. I think they are super trippy and definately not anoying, but hey I'm a colourful sock- lover and -knitter myself, so.... I really like 'em. I'm more of a one at a time knitter myself, and have never tried two at a time. Wishing you a nice weekend! Karen.

  2. Super cute socks - nuohan sopii ihan mihin vuodenaikaan vaan, aattelehan kun lokakuussa alkaa pimetä jne. (no ei sitä liikaa vielä märrehditä!) Nuo on oikeet ilopilleri-sukat!

    Ihkuu huhtikuuta!


  3. So happy to find people who share my love for absolutely mental color combinations :) And Karen, I really do recommend giving it a go making two socks at once. Felt like they were finished a lot more quicker that way too, but might have just been so in my head :)