Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Hang Tags & New Bag

New and improved hang tags
Old hang tags
I'm getting ready for local craft sale by Keravan Käsintaitajat ry starting next week. I'm feverishly finishing new bags for the sale, as I don't want to put my Etsy shop on vocation mode as I did during Christmas sale. I've now got 3 new bags finished out of the 6 I was planning to make. Dead line is tomorrow. Ooops.

Anyways, I've made some new hang tags and am extremely happy with the way they turned out, make my bags look more professional and less hobby-y. I also made some iron on labels to go on the inside of the bags, unfortunately don't have a picture of one at the moment, but those turned out great also. So I'm almost ready to start the spring sale :)

Next up is renewing business cards, but I might just order them instead of making them myself, don't think my printer would love thick carton paper.

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