Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink Bird On A Beige Bag

 Oh the sense of accomplishment! Is there any better high than finishing yet another craft, taking a step back to look at what you've created and see it's all good? I bet this is what God felt like after making me, lol!

False modesty aside, I am once again proud of my creation. The handle was a brilliant Etsy-find and suits this bag like a fist in the eye. I need to take some better photos though when the sun comes up, need good ones for Etsy. As you can see here, lighting makes a massive difference. All the process pictures were taken in in different lighting and they are not too good, sorry for that. I'm just so excited about just finishing this bag literally just three minutes ago I can't wait for natural light to share this with you :)

Edit: 28.1.2012 Now available in Etsy

Chirp chirp! The next bag will be same shape but pale pink, and I'm thinking I'll stick with the color scheme and motif, maybe do a bird in a little cage, that might be adorable, what you think?


  1. I think that the next idea is perfect! :D I can't wait to see it.

    Katie =^..^=

  2. Yeah, I think so too! Was so excited I had to start embroidering it last night straight after finishing this one even though it was 3 am by then already :D

  3. saini, sä oot niiiiiiiiiiiiiiin kova. upeeta jälkee taas kerran. kun musta tulee rikas, tilaan sulta aivan tietynlaisen spessulaukun <3

  4. Norppa, sää oot niiiin ihana itte! Oot kannustanu mua Työttömän Touhupajan ajoista asti ja arvostan sitä todella :) Olis suuri kunnia tehä sulle spessulaukku!