Thursday, January 12, 2012

Help! Is this working?

OK. So I had this idea I'd make a grey bag with a brown wreath-like embroidery and add a few red faux pearls to it, like little berries. I made the bag and tried and tested in several stages and thought it'll turn out deadly.

Now half way through adding the pearls I'm not that sure anymore. Does it work? Is it the color of the "berries"? Should I just use the smaller ones? Or should I ditch them altogether? Or am I just being silly worrying?

What would YOU do if you were me??


  1. I think it's very pretty and you should keep going! Love the handle too!

  2. I like it but I think that I would like the wreath more without the big pearls. What if you finished the other half of the wreath using only the smaller pearls? You can then decide which half you like better and adjust the pearls accordingly.

    In any case the bag will look lovely with the handles attached so I wouldn't fret over it too much.

  3. For me it looks very noble. Love the colors (and the handle will looks great with the embroidery!).

  4. I agree with Anne, I think maybe just the little pearls would look nicer, more elegant. The mixture of pearls makes it look more playful to me, which is also lovely - I just think with that color combination I'd go for the elegant version :-)

    Very, very beautiful work.... again!

  5. Thanks for the feedback, all!
    I do think you are on the right tracks with trying it without the bigger pearls, I'll definitely give it a go.

    This is so out of my regular color scheme, I was feeling nervous about the design. Although I kinda love it, I was afraid it'd just look like a bunch of dead twigs with chicken pox :D

  6. Remember that imperfection makes work interesting! Break the pattern once in a while. I try to remember this at work every day.