Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cute Fins & Mad Grins

I can't believe these babies are still alive!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when while rummaging through my parents' sock drawers in search of something warm all of a sudden these two mad fellas popped right out of the drawer! Seeing these poor innocent things after being apart for a decade I was moved to say the least.

I had made them for my dad at the turn of last century and now they were there, nestled in the sock drawer at my parents' little summer hideaway, looking very worn but still happy to serve. I pour my heart into most things I knit, and was touched that these awkward, clumsy little creatures had paddled their way into my dad's heart (and feet) into such extent that even after 10 years he still wears them. Aaaawwww, my daddy must love me, or else he wouldn't have kept them. Or maybe he just has a thing for cute fins and mad grins..

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