Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas To Me!!

Merry Christmas to ME!!

Decided to finally make myself a bag that will catch attention wherever I go to serve as a walking advertisement for my little bag business. I wanted a turquoise bag with few beaded flowers. A FEW! But once I got going, I just couldn't stop. So I ended up making a bag that looks like a unicorn threw up beads on it.. AND I LOVE IT!

my new dress (8€) -with a few added sequins and corrective stitches- will go perfectly with the bag!
 It's so wonderfully over the top, so brilliantly kitsch and fun it is perfect for the gloomy Finnish winter to cheer up a dull day. And we have no shortage of those here! One might think our national color was mousy grey and national animal Tard, the grumpy cat, as a people that's about how cheery we are.

But in short, here is my Christmas gift from me to myself. Wishing you all a very cheery Christmas, with my cheesy bag in hand I'm bound to have one myself!