Sunday, June 17, 2012

Deep In The Forest We Craft

This weekend was probably the best ever. Nothing major happened. I just had an amazingly relaxing time deep in the forest at my parents' summer place. Good, healthy food, a sauna by the lake, fresh air and tranquility created by the surrounding nature and lack of neighbours in sight. No electricity, nothing fancy. Just pure heaven.

In between relaxing and relaxing even more, I managed to finally paint the brooms my mam had asked me to paint about five years ago. Dad, always prepared like a boy scout, whipped out a power drill and made me a candle holder from a block of old grey wood I found. I'm a bit of an airhead myself, so I wouldn't dare burn any candles on a wooden base, so my mam, who is a serious hoarder (=hamstraaja, moi äiti!) promised she'd dig out four metallic candle cups from her stockpile, that woman has everything imaginable up her sleeve.


Dad at work

Back in town, the block fits perfectly in the decor on our back yard deck.
I had to sample the paint before making the brooms, so I made this little welcome sign out of scrap wood
A deadwood branch we found in the woods mounted on a piece of old wood, I'll paint this white and make it an ornament tree, more about this project later!

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