Friday, April 15, 2011

Jane Austen Boob-hugger

Found this great free pattern for a mini sweater (aka boobholder, aka The Jane Austen Boob-Hugger) from Ravelry. Couldn't wait to give it a go, never knitted anything from the top down before and after knitting this I'm never starting from the hem up ever again! It was super easy and super quick. Plus, I got to use another 2 skeins of the lovely Katri yarn by Novita. Still about a gazillion skeins in the closet..

Long story short, here's the link to the Mini sweater by Stefanie Japel.

Yarn: Novita Katri (100g = 160m, 100% acrylic)
Skeins: 2
Needle: 4mm

Only few little modifications: I wanted short puffy sleeves so instead of the suggested 5 increases I did about 11 and after parting the sleeves I skipped the stockinette rows and went straight for the 5 rows of garter with K3 K2TOG on first 2 rows.

Oh behold, Jane Austen, never were thine boobies so gently hugged!