Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Excuse me, miss..

I was at the supermarket last night lookin for some poppers for the baby pants (almost finished, hoot hoot!). Maybe it was my beautifully hand knitted scarf that gave me away, or maybe just the absolutely deranged smile on my face I get while facing a whole wall full of yarn, what ever the reason was, while drooling over the lovely stocks of colourful wool I heard a deep male voice beside me saying "Excuse me miss, you look like an expert knitter.." and before he could ask me how many skeins of yarn would it take to knit a pair of socks for the teen ager behind him (who was Like, SO, embarrassed! as all teen agers are when their parents talk to strangers between shelves full of wool) I was already hovering over the shelves with joy. Somebody thinks I look like an expert knitter!! While still airborne, I took a look at the skein he was holding and like the expert I am, told him. "Two, but if you pick this other sort you will be fine with just one". My god. I'm an expert!

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